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What people are saying about The Will of Heroes...

A must-read if you're looking to make massive change and/or become a master of your craft.

Beyond simply telling the stories of how incredible those people are, the book breaks down WHY they were successful and how you can use the same exact strategies that they do.

Katrina Ravazzi, Founder, Communication for Nerds, United States

If you like Tim Ferris, Daniel Coyle, and other talent gurus then this is an absolute must for you.

I took some unique perspectives away from the book (that I haven't yet encountered in others): about fatigue, setting 'process-based' goals, and food cravings. Highly recommend!

Kamil Chmielewsk, VP Engineering, Rithmio, United States

Game-changing, life-improving scientifically-backed success!

Through the stories of struggle, perseverance and triumph of the world's greatest minds in different fields, I was able to relate to and grasp key concepts of willpower to help understand the drivers behind my actions.

Chris Paredes, Pro Eurobasketball Player, Poland

About the author...

Colin Robertson is a researcher of performance psychology and spent the last 5 years researching the science behind how some of the world's greatest heroes achieved their success. 

He studied fields such as business, athletics, writing, and many more to find the key factors that led to incredible success of people like JK Rowling, Warren Buffett, and Kobe Bryant.

He now writes about and teaches the science of willpower that these heroes used to dream big, overcome obstacles, and persevere through hard times.

About the book...

What does it take to truly achieve greatness? Five years ago I set out to answer that question. I studied the paths of twelve of the world's greatest heroes, across multiple fields, to learn the key factors that led to their extraordinary success. 

As I studied each hero, I tried to understand what it was exactly that made them different. Was it just luck that catapulted them to the top? Or was there some trait they all had in common that helped them reach greatness? 

What I found was powerful. It was not luck, talent, genius, wealth, or even hard work alone that led them to greatness—it was willpower. A trait we have admired since the dawn of time, and one that anyone can strengthen. 

This book will show you how heroes like Kobe Bryant, J.K. Rowling, and Warren Buffett willed themselves to achieve greatness. It will then explain the science behind their success from groundbreaking research on how willpower actually works. Then it will provide practical strategies you can use to strengthen your willpower and achieve whatever greatness you seek.