A scientifically-backed success!


 Review by Chris Paredes

Through the stories of struggle, perseverance and triumph of the world's greatest minds in different fields, I was able to relate to and grasp key concepts of willpower to help understand the drivers behind my actions. 

Most importantly, though, this book does an amazing job of demonstrating, through the example of 12 incredibly successful human beings, how belief in oneself, grit, and the vision or purpose one sets forth in their path ties into willpower, and how it can be used as a most valuable tool to overcome any challenge or hardship.


Chris Paredes

Nothing means more to me than to be part of a student's journey to success and happiness in their academic, athletic and future professional life.

I began my tutoring career in high school as a peer tutor. Since then, I have graduated from SFU as a dual-sport varsity athlete on the Presidents Honor Roll with a 4.0 GPA, played professional basketball on two continents, learned to speak three new languages, and had the opportunity to help students from different cultures excel in almost every subject.

Throughout my journey I have experienced the frustrations associated with conventional learning systems and their inability to adapt to the unique needs of each student. My experience as a top-level athlete has also taught me the importance of motion and how physical activity can greatly enhance any and every learning experience.

Within Crown, I made it my goal to build an educational environment that not only incoporates movement through sport, but also inspires the pursuit of passions, all the while making learning exciting, fast, fun and relevant for any student. 

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