2 Days: Getting Through the Middle

"I'm in the exact same position you were and I have 15 days left. Can you help me?"

I've heard that a lot over the last 2 days since reaching the goal.

I am still doing my best in these final days to help others in the Kickstarter community reach their goals. And I've noticed a common theme....those that are willing to keep pushing in the middle, are the ones who make it to the end. 

This holds true for any goal. The middle of the journey is always the hardest part. 

The Beginning and End of Reaching a Goal

At the beginning of working to a goal, you are full of enthusiasm!

You see the potential "after photo" of how your life will be once your goal is complete - and you love what you see.

A healthier you...

A smarter you...

A more successful you...

So at the beginning you get to work with a spring in your step! You want to make "after photo" version of yourself happen ASAP!

You are also full of energy at the end of reaching any goal.

You have come a long way! And you are more confident than ever that you really can make it happen. So you get the additional drive to "sprint to the finish-line".

The Middle of the Journey....

But sandwiched between these two is the wretched middle of the journey.

That hard, boring, frustrating part when your initial enthusiasm fades....and there is still no end in sight. 

This is the true make or break time.

I have been writing a lot about "finishing strong" since starting these posts. But the results from finishing strong only came because I was willing to keep fighting in the middle.

Because I kept fighting through those days, I was able to learn the crucial lessons necessary for a strong finish.

Whatever your goal, dream, or desire, your success in it is going to come from your attitude and willpower to get through the middle. 

Your willingness to endure the boring, frustrating days when your initial enthusiasm has worn off...and the end is still so far away...

In those days: stay persistent, embrace the boredom, and remember that if you can get through the middle, the sprint to the finish line will be much easier.


  • What we needed today to reach our next goal: $222
  • What we raised today from 7 backers: $301
  • Key learning: Goals are won and lost in the middle, not the beginning or end.
  • Key takeaway for tomorrow: Share the finding of "getting through the middle" with the Kickstarter community so they don't waste precious days hoping for a strong finish.

Almost at the next step!