1 Day Left: Testing My Principles

Yesterday was the first business day since we accomplished our fundraising goal. And I was excited to move forward with the editing process!

Unfortunately, because hope was looking bleak 3 weeks into the project, the editor I selected picked up another project. So he didn't have time for The Will of Heroes until January.

Meaning that I had to go back to asking for referrals, meeting new potential editors, and trying to form a new relationship to complete the book. Right away, I knew this meant the book's release would be pushed back 1-2 months. 

Then came the dilemma – do I tell backers now? Or after the fundraising is over?

Tough Decision

If I told backers now, then I would risk some people canceling their pledge.

If I waited until after completion, I would keep all of the money raised, but would risk making the people who supported me upset and lose some trust in me.  

For me, although it was a tough decision, it was also a clear decision. One of my principles is to “always be honest and authentic.” So I updated the backers. Explaining exactly what happened.

Unfortunately, $225 in pledges were cancelled after I sent that message.

A short-term blow, for sure, but being honest and authentic is what helped me raise that money in the first place.

I also received some great feedback, encouraging messages, and even referrals for editors from authors who have backed the project.

There will always be bad news that you have to deliver to people. This was a short-term loss, for long-term gain – and it means even more because I stuck to my principles. The same principles that got me here in the first place.

Now…time to earn back the support and make the audiobook available to all!

Time to Earn Back the Support!