Only Hours Left: The Sprint to the Finish

I was entering the last mile of the Tampa Bay Spartan Race when I realized it…

“There are only 2 people in front of me!! If I can keep this up, I’ll be on the podium for the first time, ever!”

There was only 1 mile left in the race and I couldn’t believe how close I was to the top.

I was so focused, so energized, and so willing to do whatever it took to finish strong that I completed the next 2 obstacles with ease.

But then I got cocky.

I messed up on the next obstacle…and saw two people pass by me as I had to do 30 burpees as a penalty.

Then I lost it. As soon as I realized I wasn’t going to reach the podium, I lost my edge. I lost my motivation to give everything I could on the sprint to the finish.

So I failed another obstacle and finished the race 9th.

I vowed never to make that mistake again.

There are only a few hours left in this campaign and it is time to sprint to the finish and make the audiobook available to the world.

Let’s do this.