Why Having a Hero Will Give You More Willpower

Heroes remind us of what is possible

Heroes are not just for kids. We all have heroes in our lives. It may be a sports star, a business leader or even our own parents. We all have a different reason for calling someone a hero. It could be because they overcame adversity in their lives to make it to the top. It could be because they stand for something that you truly believe in. Or they are simply a person that we aspire to become one day.

There are many reasons we choose our heroes, but here are 3 reasons that having a hero will increase your willpower.


We have a tendency to look at star athletes or super successful entrepreneurs and believe that for whatever reason, that level of success can’t happen for us. Yet, when you look at how these people came to be, you realize that many of them came from very humble beginnings. Whether it’s the sports star that came from a rough neighborhood, or the CEO who started as a grocery bagger, the stories of how these people rose to greatness reminds us that it’s possible. So when we’re down and feel like we’ll never reach our goals, remember a hero who had a similar struggle. And remember that it’s possible.


Despite what many people believe, most heroes got to where they are through a lot of hard work and determination. They set exceptionally high standards for themselves and those around them to reach their level of greatness. Kobe Bryant, for example, is known for being the hardest worker in the NBA and demands that his teammates put in the same effort. That’s why he has 5 championships. This high standard can help us when we face our willpower challenges by asking ourselves “what would my hero do?” This exercise can give us great perspective, and reinforce our I Want power.


One of the most powerful motivators is a great biography. It is literally a blueprint of how a hero came to be the person that they are. Knowing what people like Nelson Mandela or Michael Jordan went through on their way to becoming iconic figures helps us learn what it takes. The lessons and inspiration we can get from reading biographies help us take action. It allows us to see that the greatness attained by our heroes didn’t happen overnight. It came from a journey of small steps.


Heroes carry more importance in our lives than we give credit for. They are living proof that greatness can be accomplished and carry with them a beacon of hope for all of us. Thinking about what our heroes would do in certain situations can help give us great perspective on our challenges and goals. Also, through biographies we can learn the small steps that our heroes took on their way to greatness then apply those lessons to our own lives. Next time you’re down and think that greatness won’t happen for you, remember your heroes. They are proof that it’s possible.