8 Days: My Embarrassing Wakeup Call

The day was moving along like usual. 

Wake up at 5...healthy breakfast...meditation...and - as planned - forcing myself to "eat my frog" and reach out to others.

But once again, reaching out to bloggers, friends, and the press just felt wrong.

So over the next few hours, I was questioning why reaching out always felt "icky". 

Then - also as planned - I had another meditation session in the afternoon to make up for lost sleep. Then the idea hit me like a ton of bricks.

I am thinking about myself way too much!

With every person I reach out to, with every social media post, and with every place I try to market the Kickstarter, I am asking the question:

How can I get this person to do what I want?

Change in attitude

Well, maybe I haven't been quite that selfish. But I’m really only thinking about how I can reach my goal. And I failed to open my eyes to the thousands of others out there that are exactly like me!

I never thought about all of the others who are hoping that some online influencer will help them share their own dream with the world.




Even within Kickstarter there are thousands of people who are in the same struggle as I am - struggling to make their dream become a reality.

So my willpower challenge will be to use my knowledge of willpower, writing, and building an online community to help others who are truly dedicated.

Not because I am looking to get something out of them, but because right now what I need most is the support of others who truly believe in the work I am doing.

So why not be that person for someone who needs me as much as I need them?

The plan OF ACTION

This is outside of my comfort zone, so it will require using some willpower to do it.

Therefore, I will do myself a big favor by making pre-loaded decisions about exactly what I need to do - reducing the chance that I'll procrastinate.

So here's the plan...

  1. Focus on teaching, not selling. Maintain the proper perspective of helping others in my situation - not secretly wondering how I can get them to help me.
  2. Subscribe to at least 3 blogs and send them genuine emails of praise. I'm embarrassed by how little I do this. I owe it to the community to support them more.
  3. Review at least 3 Kickstarter projects and back any I believe in. These people are fighting for their dreams and they deserve at least 5 minutes to learn about them.
  4. Answer 3 questions on forums. I use forums so often when I have questions, yet I never provide any answers. 
  5. Continue to thoughtfully answer every subscriber email. This is possible because of you! I am deeply grateful for your support and will do all I can to help you.

Now, this plan isn't going to make me the online Mother Theresa. But I've finally woken up to how self-serving I've been.

This is a realistic step in the right direction to making more connections, and hopefully making an impact - no matter how small. 

I promise to do better for readers, dreamers, and the online community!


  • What we needed today to reach our goal: $433
  • What we raised today from 4 backers: $201
  • Key learning: Support others, but be genuine (people can tell!)
  • Key takeaway for tomorrow: Reach out to more writers/bloggers I truly admire. 


Time to do better!