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The Proven Path to Greatness That Anyone Can Follow

The product of 5 years of research on how 12 of the world's greatest successes in business, athletics, writing, and many more fields willed themselves to greatness. 

Their stories will teach you the science behind success and how you can strengthen your willpower to achieve whatever greatness you seek.

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Get science on your side.

Learn the scientific formula for creating great habits, defeating procratination, and strenghtening your willpower, .


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"Colin has devoted his career to the study of willpower, creating a very thorough and digestible masterclass on the subject in the processWhile the high quality of the content of his writings and coursework has significant practical application, it is the energy and authenticity that sets him apart and also serves as inspiration.   

Colin goes well beyond illustrating techniques to strengthen one’s resolve, he strives to outline the science and contextualize the backstory behind it all.

Without a doubt I can say that the methods and heroic examples combined with my personal interactions with Colin, have really helped me hone my skills, sharpen my focus, and take my game to the next level.  There is always, always, always a next level.

Alex Kleiner, General Manger, EMEA at Coupa Software, United Kingdom


"Instead of inspirational messages that will only temporarily make you feel better, Willpowered is something completely different. It incorporates science and performance psychology to show you what it really takes to become successful.

I have become more aware and empowered. I've been able to develop habits that create patterns of success. This has had a trickle down affect on ALL aspects of my life.

Leanne Stewart, Strategic Marketer, Sweden


"Colin's articles and courses are eye-opening. I didn't know much about what motivates us or how 'willpower'  actually works going into it. But Colin explained it in interesting and practical terms that I can easily apply to the work on my PhD—where it's so easy to put things off until later.

Owen Brittan, PhD student at Cambridge University, United Kingdom